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Buy Xanax Bar Online Viridis has maintained itself as an industry leader since its inception in 1999. The exceptional design team and Viridis’ strong commitment to excellence has allowed many opportunities to take part in some very exciting media events. Owners and founders David Dempsey and Lawrence Adkins personal home, which is one of Viridis’ showcase homes, has also been featured many times. Viridis landscapes and designs have been featured in several episodes for HGTV’s Landscape Solutions, on regular appearances for both Channel 46 Good Morning Atlanta weekend show and local cable show Cafe’ Central, and on Good Day Atlanta. Viridis works have also been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Fine Gardening Magazine and the Brookhaven Buzz.

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Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg Porch Perfect, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, February 2005

Buy Valium Brazil Estate Planning, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, December 2004 Gold Standard, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, August 2004

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January 2003

click here For the Love of Gardening
In today’s economy, career changes are commonplace, but mostly they are done in the pursuit of a larger paycheck. In contrast, two of the three principles at Brookhaven – based Viridis Garden Design Inc. changed their careers out of a love for their hobby – gardening. For David Dempsey and Lawrence Adkins founders of the Atlanta-based Viridis Garden Design Inc., plants and gardening aren’t just a job, but an obsession. Viridis projects range form complete estate designs to small intimate courtyards. Depending upon the desires of the client, Dempsey lead Viridis to design landscapes that are either “clean” and architectural or lush gardens.

get link Viridis Garden Design Inc. distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering variety. They offer many different facets from extensive gardening and design to events and holiday decor. “We are able to select our clientele which in turn allows us to establish creative gardens instead of cookie cutter plantings,” says Lawrence Adkins, vice president of operations at Viridis. “Our staff is comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds each adding their own personal assets to our corporation. Variety keeps the interest high for our clients as well as our talented staff.”

Cheap Xanax For Sale Online Viridis offers a comprehensive approach to landscape design, installation and horticultural services. David Dempsey, Viridis’ president, strives to assist clients with the integration of their interior spaces with the exterior “rooms” which David and his team will “furnish.” Back

Buy Valium London Uk Southern Living
April 2000
by John Alex Floyd, Jr. Tiny but Unique
With a front yard this small, most homeowners would settle for a grass panel with a few shrubs along the front of the house. This postage-stamp garden in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta showcases the talent of its owners, David Dempsey and Lawrence Adkins of Viridis Garden Design, Inc., have transformed the small space into a colorful and creative garden. In spring, flowering roses and pastel perennials give the home a distinct look and presence. Even though the border is lush and dense, passersby can still see the house from the street. Sidewalk views allow an irresistible peek over the border and into the garden.

Buy Valium From China From the driveway, enter the garden through a simple arbor flanked with two common boxwoods clipped into conical shapes. A potted variegated agave provides a focal point at the other end of the yard. Because both David and Lawrence are garden designers, it is especially interesting to see some of the other plant material they used. To stop your eye from going past the entry along the drive, they planted a mass of windmill palms. The palms also signal the entry to the front porch. A backdrop of green behind the potted agave emphasizes it as an accent. A large Ballerina rose gives outstanding color in the corner along the sidewalk. The planting is stair-stepped down along this side of the garden with lime-colored Japanese barberry, La Marne roses, and old-fashioned dame’s rocket. Along the porch, the foundation planting is highlighted by several sheared American boxwoods.

Get Cheap Xanax Online To accomplish this look, the owners spend much of their gardening time in winter. That’s when they plant, prune and fertilize the garden. (They use liquid 20-20-20 fertilizer three or four times in the winter.) Then they enjoy the beauty delivered in the spring. Back

Southern Living
December 2001
by Eleanore Griffin

Creating Holiday Sparkle
Making a grand entrance takes on new meaning in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood. This home’s eye-catching holiday decorations have become a highlight of the candlelight tour sponsored by St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Owner Lawrence Adkins came up with the idea for the hanging greenery. The house doesn’t lend itself to traditional decorating, so Lawrence decided to try something new that would take advantage of the 10-foot deep porch.

The Porch Ceiling
“Believe it or not, the greenery pieces for the ceiling were free from a friend who worked at a Christmas tree lot, He saved us the small pieces that get cut off when trees are being fitted into stands, “says owner David Dempsey. “We added real pinecones and blue mirrored glass ornaments. Pinecone-shaped Christmas tree lights, some regular small white lights, and hanging icicle lights give it a glow.”

Decorating Indoors
Lots of freshly cut greenery is also the secret to their indoor embellishments. “Always bring fresh greenery indoors during the holidays,” says David. “We love working with fresh fruit, forced bulbs, berries, and potted plants. And we love the Southern classics such as sumac, pyracantha, and nandina.”

Two Christmas trees anchor the decorating scheme. Lawrence designed a flocked tree, while David adopted a more traditional theme with ornaments and ribbons.

Candles Set the Mood
Candles play a big part in the overall feel. “The house looks best at dusk and during the evening when we light the candles,” says David. He also advises buying ones with a high beeswax content because “they burn straighter and tend to drip less.”

Candles help contribute drama to the dining room as well. Instead of the expected red-and-green centerpiece, David and Lawrence designed a sophisticated arrangement flanked by two antique candelabra. They chose a glass compote dish as the container. Three tiers of cream-colored freesia, Dutch roses, and cut forced amaryllis add an unusual touch while echoing the red, green, and yellow color scheme found throughout the house. (Tip: David recommends Dutch roses. They are more expensive but pay for themselves with long-lasting blooms and many available colors.)

“We knew we’d been successful when our guests arrived, took a deep breath, and said, ‘We didn’t feel like it was truly Christmas until we walked into your house,'” says David.