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Viridis Garden Design, Inc. is a Full Service landscape design firm. Our staff of Landscape Architects, Designers, Horticulturists, and Landscape Professionals work together to create beautiful outdoor environments that can be enjoyed all year round.

Because we are a Full Service company, transitioning from initial concepts into the installation phases and on to maintenance can be seamless and hassle free. Viridis has established a strong resourceful team of sub-contractor craftspeople and artists who collaborate to enhance Viridis designwork. Viridis Garden Design’s horticultural and seasonal color team is comprised of some of the best in the business and will design, implement and maintain amazing four season gardens, shrub and flowering borders and containers for your property.

The most natural spaces start with a plan. Let our design department plan your outdoor environment with beautiful results. Viridis designers and Landscape Architects are experienced and specialize in the residential market. Viridis works on projects of varying sizes from small, well appointed courtyard gardens to the restoration and renovation of historic estate gardens. Our designers strive to balance spaces by creating inviting designs that integrate and enhance the transition from interior to exterior.

To get a visual idea of our work and the possibities that Viridis could provide for your garden design needs visit our Portfolio section.

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