From concept to construction, Viridis excels at implementing multi-faceted designs. Whether it is planting installation, masonry construction, irrigation, lighting, soils and drainage, or site analysis and preparation, our team builds your dreams! Our expertly trained and experienced personnel pay attention to detail to deliver the high quality product you want.

Clients express their gratitude for the ease of guidance through the construction process by a professional who understands the integration of structural and mechanical details in addition to our area of expertise in creating and implementing successful planting schemes and placement of garden elements. Consulting with one of our Landscape Architects or Garden Designers when considering placement of homes, locations of structures, grading, site drainage and other issues in dealing with the uses of land is the best way to approach comprehensive site design.

The hardscape design process begins the creation of great outdoor spaces by integrating interior and exterior living. Often this relationship is overlooked. Creating a sense of “outdoor rooms” is a concept we consider during this process. The design and layout of elements such as driveways, walkways, steps, walls, terraces & patios unify the garden spaces. Other elements which are considered hardscape elements include pergolas, arbors, swimming pools, water features, fencing, and even outdoor furnishings and garden statuary. Whether working with stone, concrete, wood or iron, Viridis manages projects from conception through construction.